Project preparation is one of the key aspects that will determine your end product. In this area of study we will share on what are the factors that will help your ideation process. Especially, the kind of method research and analysis will strengthen your creative result.


Our program is designed to help you prepare and forecast the on the world of Graphic Design. The things outside of your design skill and software proficiency are one of those things we want to focus on our courses.


A great outcome will not be produced with poor execution. Our courses highlights on how to produce a better design and more importantly on how to present an impactful proposal to your client.

Our program
Saturday: 09.00 - 12.00 AM

Fundamental Design Course

- 12 weeks

• Basic knowledge of design software
• Design flow
• Moodboard preparation
• Proposal preparation

• Design execution from concept to finish
• In depth about brand identity design
• Preparing file for production
• Soft skill as a designer

• Dealing with clients
• Design philosophy
• How to build you resume
• Presentation training

Suitable for:

• People who are interested in working in Graphic Design industry
• People who are keen to improve their working method in design industry
• New desingers who would like to prepare themselves before jumping into the working environment
• New designers who are finding a hard time in adjusting working environment

Design Startup Course

- 4 weeks

• How to set price for your service
• Steps on getting client
• Client prospecting
• How to prepare good portfolio

Suitable for:

This course is designed to prepare you in starting your own design studio or improving your career as a freelancer

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Meet The Mentor

David Winarta

David has been practicing in Graphic Design field for more than 8 years. In the 8 years time David has enrolled in different position as Graphic designer, Interactive designer, web developer, and currently as a Creative Director at Okular. Having a background with diploma in Graphic Design and a degree in Interactive Arts, David wishes to interpret the reality and skills that we should learn to practice in the Graphic Design field

Free Downloadable Resources

Building Your Resume

Don’t know where to start on your resume? This template will set a foundation for you to compose your resume.


Logo Design Proposal Template

Do you need tips to solidify your proposal for logo design? This resource will give you the composition of content that you should input on your proposal.


Website Design Proposal Template

Do you have enough detail in proposing your website design? We are handing out a structure that will strengthen your proposal for your website projects.

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