Prosmile Dental Care

Client: Prosmile Dental Care | year: 2015

Prosmile Dental Care logo is designed by combining two of the most distinguished element of dental care, smile on the upper side and teeth part on the lower side. We instinctively smile and reflexively display our teeth when we want to show warmth and friendliness to another person. It is associated to being open and pleasant and this is the main concept of the dental care.

The plus sign replace ’T’ in the word Den+tal is a representation of medical cross. This means Prosmile Dental Care provides a wide range of oral health care services to patients. The layers of blue and white color analogically represents the tooth layers. Blue color itself symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom and confidence which are aligned to the concept of the dental care.
prosmile2 prosmile3 prosmile4